Our species’ male-dominated way of operating clearly does not work, and you can’t say we haven’t given it a red hot go. The patriarchy has been ruling since the beginning of agriculture, the results are in, and guys? You get a D-minus.
Twelve Thoughts On Feminism And Its Place In Today’s Political Environment
Caitlin Johnstone

I’ve been surrounded and out numbered by women most of my adult life. I’ve learned that the dirty little secret is that there really isn’t much different between men and women. We want most of the same things. We see the world in much the same way too.

Here’s the thing that is hardest for phemonists to grasp; there is no difference in character between genders. None. Nada. The biggest difference is how we approach things. This difference in approach is due to masculine physical superiority in strength, endurance and pain tolerance. If men and women were completely equal in these regards, our behaviors would quickly become indistinguishable from one another.

Men are more brutal, but women are more cruel. Our hearts and inmate character are essentially the same. If you think phenomism can save the world, it’s because your sexism towards men have blinded you to this simple truth.

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