A Night in the Life of a Black Woman
Akwi Nji

I’ve seen entirely too many hoaxes over the past 8 years, and they are rapidly increasing. I’ve come to the decision that if it is a personal account that cannot be validated, it must be a hoax until proven other wise.

The problem is, hoaxes simply make things worse. It’s like crying wolf. People tend to second guess the real episodes, plus it foments hatred which can be part of what leads racist Black people to torture a mentally retarded White Man.

IF, the man really did vote for chump and asked her what nationality she identified as, he was telling her something important. Identity politics is tearing this country apart, and the increased vitriol within it’s politicians brought about chump. If you play identity politics long enough against white people, sooner or later they will start playing identity politics too.

Playing identity politics against a pacified race that once dominated the entire globe is foolish, for sooner or later some of them, maybe even many of them will no longer be pacified.

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