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Most christians rarely emulate Jesus. Even if the story of Jesus were a complete fiction, this story reveals much about the true nature of mankind, because many people believe it to be true.

Most people don’t emulate Jesus. He’s an ideal that we are at aspire to be like, but most Christians try to be like him.

Jesus was put on a trial and the administrator of the law found no reason to punish him. He offered a despicable criminal instead of Jesus and allowed the people to choose one of them to go free. Barrabas was set free. Punchy Pilate washed his hands of the whole deal and walked away — the guilt for punishing Jesus would be on the mob.

Pilate thought he was washing his hands of Jesus’ death, but he, just like you, me and everyone else are equally guilty.

Jesus was tortured and crucified for his “crimes” — -preaching love, healing the sick, defending whores and criminals. This was the mobs choice.

Jesus died because of our sins. The Bible says the wages of sin is death. Sacrifices have always had to be made for atonement. With His sacrifice, no other sacrifices are necessary. No priest, imam or rabbi is necessary. Just believe in Him, accept Him as your savior, submit to God daily, confess to Him and you’re pretty much good to go.

Many modern Christians do not emulate Jesus through action. They repeat His words, but usually only one day a week.

But many do emulate Him too. Hypocrisy is part of human nature. We Christians are not supposed to be hypocrites but we inevitably are.

There are universals in human nature. Religion can help, but inevitably these things linger to one extent or another:

Everyone is a hypocrite.

Everyone lies.

Everyone has pride.

Everyone is prejudiced.

I guilty of these things and so are you. I will tell you the same thing I tell myself daily. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN THEY ARE. You’re not. so chill with the hate.

Everyone is Christians emulate the mob. The mob is under the control of “the priests who wear long robes.”

I have no idea what that means.

Christians emulate Judas.

So do you. We all do.

What do Christians believe Jesus would say about illegal immigration?

Go and sin no more. Invading a land that is not one’s own is illegal. The Bible tells us we are to submit to secular government leaders.

Children crossing deserts to find sanctuary in the USA and the response of many of His followers is, “Build a wall to protect our jobs.”

We’ve got around 15 million illegal aliens in this country. You can “think of the children” all you want but you are really only doing this so that you can demonize the people you disagree with.

To hell with God, right? These are jobs we are talking about — tomorrows bread, wine, and women.

The premise of your argument is that Christians should use the government to follow Jesus’ teaching. Great. Theocracy here we come!

Even atheists and agnostics can learn much by reading the Bible, the Koran, or any other venerated religious text. Not for the purpose of becoming a believer, but to see how truly hypocritical, cruel, and unholy the ‘faithful’ can be. Everything done, so they say, in the name of their God. In fact, all actions raise another man above the very God they pretend to worship.

As I already said, hypocrisy is universal human behavior. You want unbelievers to read religious texts so they can use it as ammunition to hate the believers as much as you do. That’s childish and nonconstructive.

Should I offer what I believe people desire or do whatever the hell I want? I will do whatever the hell I want and hope for the best. It’s not like I have a high opinion about most of mankind anyway

Hey look. A misanthrope with psychopathic tendencies. How unique. Let me guess. Male. IQ higher than average, but frustratingly enough, too low to be genius. You have talent, but not enough to make it big. You are superior. You think damn it, while everyone reacts to stimuli. It frustrates you that you seem to be stuck in a station that is entirely too close to…them. You scoff and mock anything and anyone you disapprove of. There is so much that is beneath you, isn’t there? Yet you’ve been wadding knee deep in the mediocrity your entire life.

You will never be as great as you think you should be because frankly you are not smart or talented enough, and that pisses you off. You are stuck in a bitter intellectual and talent purgatory. You can muster enough speed on occasion to life off the ground. You fly with the elites for a brief period, but then you tire and they leave you behind, leaving you with the fading echo of excellence.

If you were born in a different era, it would be the Blacks or maybe the Asians you would malign, you may even detest such people even more than Christian's, but it is no longer socially acceptable to disparage them in public. It could be any group, really. Just so long as you can use the cruel and stupid to define them so you can feel better about yourself. So you go for the Christians. They are the easy ones. How generic.


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