Yes, yes, yes! This describes so much of my life story, where I constantly had to defend my blackness because I grew up more like “The Cosby Show” than “Good Times”.
Yes, yes, yes!
Marin Heiskell

My wife says the same thing. That other Black people would goof on the Cosby Show when she was growing up, saying that Black people don’t live like that. She would say, “well MY family does!” Her parent’s aren’t physicians and attorneys, but retired teachers with multiple masters degrees (My mother-in-love has a master’s from Cornell).

My wife is an RN in risk management with a JD. Her brother has a bachelors from Ohio state. Her sister has a BS in electrical engineering from Ohio State, and two masters. She has an MBA and a Masters in Industrial Engineering (I cannot remember which one, but one of the Masters is from Berkeley).

(We may have to move in if her mother has a decline in her health. If so, I would be the least educated in the house with only one Masters degree! I’m crazy about them, and just a little proud, if you cannot tell.)

Anyway, it hurts my wife when people pop off about being an Oreo. She’s full-on Black,24/7. Natural hair. Darker berry. A curvy body that goes kaboom up front and kapow in the back. She has a New York Blackcent. Her language is chock full of, “Honey” “sugar” and “Won’t He do it!”, but because she refuses to use “ebonics”, went to college and didn’t have kids out of wedlock, she’s not Black enough?

Sojourner Truth may have said “Ain’t I a woman?” but I say, “Ain’t my wife a Black woman?” Damn straight she is!

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