Nobody Needs An AR-15 (or a Sig Sauer MCX)
David Mizne

Of course the people need semi-automatic rifles! I’ll tell you why:

Philosophers since at least the time of Aristotle believe that self protection is a basic human right, for most, even if deadly force may be necessary. The Declaration of Independence stated that it is a human right (back then they called them Inalienable Rights and Laws of Nature) to throw off a government if all other peaceful forms of action have been exhausted. In fact, it states that it is our duty to do so. 
After the war, the preamble to the Bill of Rights stated that the Bill of Rights was written “in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its [government’s] powers.” I find it not only fitting, but probably intentional, that the amendments were written in the order they were. If so, it is a very radical thing. 
 You see, the first thing they did was ensure that the two main tools needed for a revolution, free speech and arms, were protected by law. As the Declaration of Independence earlier indicated, these rights to revolution and armed resistance belong to the people and are God-given human rights. 
 The Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights were bookends to the Revolution, and written of the same cloth. Revolutionary people wrote the Bill of Rights with the future in mind. We should consider the future too. Millions will vote for a fascist to be our next president. We do not know what will happen 10–100 years from now.

Considering how the government, under both Democratic and Republican rule, has run roughshod over the Bill of Rights since 9/11, and that governments rarely relinquishes the power they obtain, chances are more assaults on the Bill of Rights will happen. More of our rights will be in jeopardy as time progresses. Once the credible threat of armed resistance or revolution is lost, sooner or later there will be tyranny.

We need semi-automatic rifles now more than ever.

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