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Oh, but there are millions of lonely men who want to rescue those women from poverty and injustice. Western women reject Knights in Shining Armor unless they are good looking and rich. An average to ugly Joe has tried to be that Knight and got used horribly for his trouble. He mends broken wings so they can fly away to the nearest asshole.

Rinse and repeat. By the time he’s 30, if he hasn’t been hoodwinked into marrying a sociopath and supporting her kids he will have been used more than once. If the damage was severe enough and he doesn’t have adequate support and counseling, he will continue to spiral. Unless….

Unless he can find women who desire what he has, because lets face it, people aren’t attracted to people who have nothing to offer. In the West, people don’t go after what they need, they go after what they want because they know their needs will be taken care of.

People in third world don’t have that luxury (unless they are beautiful). They go after what they need. For many, like it or not, what they need is what our society has rejected; and ugly and somewhat weak White man with disposable income.

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