Movies, depicting people of color weren’t all the rage. The Black actresses that were given the chance to shine, had to look more White than Black — in order to appease the general population. And the Black actors were mostly paired with actresses that were visibly lighter than they were — with the grade of hair to boost.
Hollywood’s Obsession with “Diversity” Isn’t Going Quite The Way We Hoped
Ezinne Ukoha

One of the more memorable examples of this was Coming to America with Eddie Murphy. I remember there was a “light skinneded” love interest, but the Darker Berry really had the hots for him.

She was every bit as beautiful and far more sexy, spirited, and funky than the paler one, but Murphy’s character practically stiff-armed her and ran from her.

I remember, 25 plus years before I married my own Darker Berry that he was a fool. It pissed me off then, and of course it pisses me off even more now. My wife, who is every bit as richer toned, spirited, and has a butt that draws a crowd suffered the same rejection and invisibility her entire life.

I’ve always been somewhat invisible due to my Asperger-esque mannerisms and speech. I’m the first person to finally see all of her, and she’s the first person to finally see all of me.

I don’t know if all Darker ladies would groove to a quirky Irish/Choctaw nerd like she does, but I’m truly glad that the Lupitas and Violas of this world are finally being considered worthy.

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