Hey James Massey, would love to get your understanding as to how “Race” was created to begin with?
Efosa S. Omorogbe

Race was not created, at least not by man. Different races are the result of breeding and natural selection over thousands of years as our different ancestors have adapted to the environment as they spread across the planet. This “environment” was and is natural and man-made.

Consider dogs. All are canines, but all are different too. This is especially true for so-called pure breeds as apposed to mutts. At the risk of sounding like the racist judge in Virginia that opposed the Loving marriage over 50 years ago, people who lived in different continents became their own “breed” or race. Each has some distinct differences. Many times those differences are there to cope with the environment.

My wife, for instance, would be more of a “pure breed”. She is a Darker Berry. Her early ancestors did not migrate thousands of years ago, so they continued to adapt the African environment. Later own, her ancestors were enslaved. This “environment” of slavery, let alone the horrible conditions on the ship crossing over, created “unnatural” natural selection. The weak died, were killed off, or not bred.

I am a mutt and not entirely human as some of my ancestors were cro-magnon who bred with humans as they moved into Europe. I’m Irish, Choctaw, Scottish, French and English.

What I think is wonderful is that world-wide all of the different races are mating with each other at a rapid pace. People are swirling like crazy, thank God. As this continues, “pure breeds” will become fewer and fewer until they are gone. This pisses off racists within all of the different races. There are racists in my family that will not talk to me since I found my bride. There are racists in the Black community that would say that she is married to a person that isn’t completely human.

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