It’s not about the great great grandfathers.
Paul Daniel Ash

That’s a pipe dream. You can fantasize about it, even use it to keep you outraged to keep the dopamine flowing, but it will never happen. There are plenty of White’s that have been victimized by Blacks. There are plenty of Whites, in fact a rapidly growing number of them, that are in deep poverty and have no prospects of a good future.

These people live in the hills, deep South, and trailer parks all across this nation. They live almost exactly like poor Blacks do. They are harassed by the cops, imprisoned and victimized by their landlords and employers. They may suffer from meth addiction instead of crack, and may drink Jack instead of a forty, but they use those drugs for the same reason poor Blacks do.

And you think they own YOU something? Get real. Although there will always be racism, and therefore victims of this evil, by and large it’s the choices people make than keeps them down. I’ve seen it in my own people and my wife’s as well.

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