Trump supporters should take personal responsibility
Edward Blair

The article that he references borders on exploitation. They find the perfect specimen to illustrate their own bias. 
Let’s see:
White? Check.

Drives a truck? Check.

Ex-con? Check.

Multiple references about smoking cigarettes? Check.

Southerner? Check. 
Manual labor? Check. 
Tattoos? Check. 
Gimme hat? Check.

Goatee? Check. 
Burning trash? Quadruple check with smily faces!!W00t! W00t! W00t!
Back yard filled with broken down cars, refuse and aluminium cans? Check.
Christian? Check.
Mtn Dew? Check. 
Shirtless older Brother? Check. 
Barbecue pork? Check.

Poor grammar with use of double negatives? Check.

If he were dipping snuff instead of smoking, he would be perfect.

I seriously doubt the Washington post would go through a stereotype check list for other races of people, let alone a sexual minority. They make sure the cover up such things. They know who to target for derision and who to protect.

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