The 2nd Amendment
Evil Ocean

The Past

In order to understand the Second Amendment one needs to read the Declaration of Independence again and then read the Preamble to the Bill of Rights. In the Declaration of Independence, the Founders declared that if all other measures have failed, it is a human right to have a revolution. Seriously. It may be written at a 11th or 12 grade reading level and therefore difficult to understand for many people today, but in essence that is what it says.

Your teachers may not have told you, but the Battle of Lexington and Concorde was fought because the government was trying to disarm the colonists. That’s right. The “Shot heard ‘round the world” as Emerson called it, was over gun control. The government knew that a revolution could not happen without arms, so they set out to take them.

As an aside, the colonists had been using armed resistance against the government for a year before they declared their independence. This indicated that they didn’t take revolution lightly.

So they had their fight and won independence and wrote their own Constitution, but that was not enough for them. They wanted to ensure the government would not dominate the people and run rough shod over them. To prevent this, they wrote the Bill of Rights. The Preamble tells use this, stating it was to “prevent misconstruction and abuse of it’s [the governments] powers’.

This is why the Prohibition Amendment was doomed to fail. The Prohibition Amendment granted powers to the government when all of the rest of the amendments granted power to the people (or “beeple” as President Trump calls us)

Because the reason for the Bill of Rights is to protect us from the government, I strongly suspect that the Amendments were arranged based on priority. I seriously doubt it’s a coincidence that the two main tools needed for revolution (Free speech/press and arms) were not only codified into law but listed first. It was intentional.

It’s a pretty radical concept. I know of no other country that has done this. It is important to note that they wrote these amendments when things were good. They had their freedom. They had their Constitution. The cannon’s still rang in their ears. They still mourned the death of fellow Patriots. This brand new government was of on threat to this new nation, but they understood history and human nature.

The Present and Future

So, if the government was of no threat to them, then the Bill of Rights written with the future in mind. We should have the future in mind too. Since the War On Terror, both Democratic and Republican Presidents and congress have ignored the Bill of Rights in the name of “Safety”. We have Warrant-less “wire taps”. The NDA states the government can detain US citizens indefinitely. The Obama Administration made moves to authorize drone strikes here in the US on US citizens. The Associated Press was “wire tapped”.

They say they are spying on us to protect us from terrorism, but only a few years ago they stealthily changed the definition of terrorism from those who want to hurt us, to include those who want to hurt them. It’s only human nature to try to use the tools at hand to protect ones own livelihood. If they are the ones who decide who the terrorist are, they can spy on, exclude due process from, and even execute anyone and get away with it. All they have to do is label the victims “terrorists” first. At least one US citizen has been killed via drone using this justification.

The government is in credibly corrupt. Foreign governments are meddling in our elections. The “Deep State”, who are essentially our version of the of the KGB. are not only spying on us and amassing incredible amounts of information with out court order, but is also leaking data and manipulating the media in an attempt to oust a dully elected President.

Think about it. The government, both the Deep State and elected officials have violated the first, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth amendments pretty much at will and with no repercussions. None. Now is most definitely not the time to disarm the people. Now is the time to for the people to ensure their powder is dry, ’cause things will get interesting over the next 10–20 years.

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