Intolerant Liberals
Tucker FitzGerald

“The progressive liberal agenda isn’t about being nice. It’s about confronting evil, violence, trauma, and death.” My God, man. Your pride is almost as astonishing as how insulated you are from any of those things. Progressives are not fighting any of those things. Not really.

There is real evil, violence, trauma and death in this world. The world is practically bubbling with it. Daesh is every bit as evil as the Nazis and the Japanese empire were. Matthew Shepard was killed for a drug deal gone bad by some homophobes, what? Twenty years ago? Now homosexuals are getting married left and right. But Daesh throws homosexuals off of buildings and video tapes it. God only knows what is happening to them all over the Middle East.

Republicans are trying to break the monopoly of government funding for womens healthcare that is held by the greatest killer in American history. Have you actually scene the aftermath of a forced clitorectomy? I have. That, you hateful twit, is real trauma that is done every God damn day in Africa. These women can’t even vote in their home country and because we didn’t vote for the most corrupt politician in modern US history simply because she’s a woman, we’re sexist?

Remember the child brides in Africa? Boko Haram is still doing this crap. Every day. Little girls are raped, beaten, impregnated again and again.

What about what is happening in Mexico or South America? What about the Communist hell of North Korea, Russia, or China? What about the chaste system in India? I could go on and on.

There is real violence, evil, death, and trauma all around this country. But in this country? Very little, and it is done by warped individuals and not a political party, race, or gender. Dillan Roof is White Supremacy, not the banker down the street or the orange idiot in the White House.

Here’s the thing. You are not any better than the Republicans you oppose. Your ego may say that you are fighting evil, death, etc, but you aren’t. You want of fight evil. Do your hitch, bitch. You don’t fight shit. You simply hate the people that oppose your agenda.

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