You said “Scientifically speaking, an abortion is the intentional killing of an individual human…
Sara Lynn Michener

There is nothing scientific about that loaded and emotional statement.”
Okay. Using only science prove that what I wrote is wrong. 
1. Killing: Do they live afterwards? 
2. Individual: Are the really “a part of a woman’s body”, or are they individuals? 
3. Human: Are they really apes or chihuahuas instead?
4. Lives: Are they organic (carbon and water-based)? Do they consume energy to maintain homeostasis and promote growth? Do they have an intact genome? Are they growing and developing? Can they reproduce their own like kind? Do they have a cell wall composed of a semi-permial membrane?

My statement is not emotional, unlike your rebuttal. My statement is completely reasonable and based on science. Use science to prove any of those 4 things are wrong.

Scientifically, a zygote is no more “alive” (in the way you mean it) than a tree sapling.” Oh, but there is a very big difference. A zygote is one of us. He or she is a fellow human being.

without questioning whether ‘killing’ is an accurate word.” 
Abortion is the intentional killing of an individual human life. I have proven that. Why would you question a scientific fact?

By definition, forcing a woman to carry a zygote through additional stages until it becomes a baby IS incubation over humanity.
Sexual intercourse and sacrificing for our young is what propagates our species. It is not just an innate instinct, but one of the things that makes us human and ensures our prodigy. it is “humanity” This is natural. It is the best of humanity. When a mother puts her feet up in stirrups and pays some one to dilate her cervix and suck her own young out with a plastic tube, inventorying the remains and many times going back in to remove a hand or leg , this is barbaric.

but we already enforce immigration law.” “Leftist want to enforce with compassion and reason” No it is not enforced. Leftists refuse to do so in a bald-faced attempt to shift the demographic way from the White majority.

but unless they are scientists, their “skepticism” is neither useful nor asked for.” I am a scientist. There is something research called “confirmation bias”. If we are looking for something, especially if our very livelihood depends on it, we tend to find it. So much of our research, what we consider to be standards, cannot be replicated. You would really be surprised.

This is especially true in medicine. This is because biological life is unbelievably complex and as advanced as we believe ourselves to be, our methods are rudimentary on comparison. Climate is overwhelmingly complex too. Their methods are rudimentary as well.

I know we are effecting the climate negatively. I know our population has exploded. I also know to remain skeptical of any scientific finding, especially if it is being used to alter society at a global scale.

No one is doing that, and that is a hysterical interpretation. It is not religious liberty to use your religion to control others. What consenting adults do does not affect you in the slightest..” Tell that to the Christian baker or florist who normally serves homosexuals day in and day out but refuses to do contract work in a gay wedding and gets sued out of business and have their family threatened by the “enlightened ones”.

which tells me you need to take sociology 101 because there is OVERWHELMING evidence that this is not remotely true, and just as much evidence that the opposite is true. Systemic racism isn’t personal. Learn about structural white forces shaped the black experience over DECADES.
True or false: poor whites in the South and Appalachians have suffered persecution and exploitation for decades as well. And don’t given that “false equivalency crap, I’m not saying equivalent, I’m talking similarities. What suggestions would you give them on how to improve their lives?

Just like my people, my wife’s people make the same decisions and have the same behaviors. They have the freedom and ability to change those behaviors and choices. When they do, like her family and my family has, they flourish. When they don’t, they sink and drag others down with them.

Of course there will always be racism, but if you look at how Black society was, even when they were being hunted down and lynched, and how it is now and the choices and behaviors were markedly different. Read about the Tulsa massacre. Even with all of the oppression, they were thriving. So much so that jealous Whites burned their shit down. No body knows how many Black folks died.

I used to live in Sherman Texas many years ago, but only learned about their dark history recently. They lynched a Black man there about 100 years ago, burning down the courthouse and dynamiting the cell to get him. Afterwards, they burned down a massive and very prosperous Black section of town that was almost the size of the White section.

Lynching was nothing new to these people. Jim Crow was on steroids. All kinds of overt and covert oppression and opposition had to be endured and they STILL prospered. The Whites were literally at war trying to keep them down.

How they prospered in such incredible adversity was because they made choices and chose behaviors that worked. If the same choices and behaviors were still done in this era of inclusivity they would kick ass and take names. I know this because I’m married to one of them. My in laws are that way. The POCs I work with do the same. But my bride and I went home to visit my dad this weekend and the depression and poverty of White rural East Texas was no better than the poverty and depression of the Black folks living in Oak Cliff.

Trade Jack for gin, meth for crack, and trailer houses for ghetto. Same damn choices. Same damn chances. White “privilege” my ass.

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