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There was a tremendous surge in hate crime hoaxes as soon as trump was elected. I’m guessing this is not different. Here’s the tree big things to consider in how to determine if it is suspect:
Was it witnessed? 
Does it cause property damage? 
If so, can it be easily reversed?

If the event has all three, it probably is. Poop swastika? Fake. Jewish graveyard desecration? Fake. Any noose found anywhere, especially if it is on a college campus or in a predominantly Black city. Anything “hateful” written in chalk. You get the picture.

Remember when SJWs found Sharpie hate speech on the subway and it could be wiped off with Purel? Even Chelsea Clinton got to “clean up the subway”. Well, real graffiti does not wipe off with hand sanitizer. It can’t be proven, but it has all three, so it must be fake. The fact that all of the major news agencies went with it and was able to feature a Clinton doing the “right thing” right after the election was “stolen” from one of them is all one really needs to know.

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