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I think we are all aware of how life comes about. But the facts often seem to be used in a sort of proof that abortion is Murder! and therefore absolutely wrong.

Unless it to save the mother from a tubal pregnancy or some other life threatening condition, abortion is always wrong.

How many of the terribly righteous people that make that argument can be found protesting the many other ways in which humans kill humans — often sanctioned by their governments and carried out on innocent people who are fully conscious mature individuals?

Probably the same amount that cross over from anti-war protests to the pro-life side.

And for that matter, how many of them will gladly eat meat from animals who were deliberately bred and killed purely for their tables?

There is no moral equivalency, and you know it.

How many of them have any problem with our agricultural industries that destroy entire habitats and the species that lived in them and then spray pesticides to eradicate whatever life forms dare to survive the initial onslaught? In general, I think the answer is pretty well none.

Insects = people? My God! How many did I kill just on the ride home from work?

Do you think it is worse to kill a fetus that probably has no meaningful consciousness of its own life than to drone innocent people ‘by accident’

Actually it’s worse. It all has to do with intent. There is a distinct difference between collateral damage and assassination.

or have hens raised in conditions so stressful they attack each other — all so that you can have cheap chicken in your local restaurant?

I raised chickens when I was in Ag class in high school. I learned really quickly the only reason they exist is to be eaten. They have no emotions. They don’t think. They just react. Plus, they’re DELICIOUS!

It’s the lack of moral priorities that make people hypocritical in manners they do not even think about. The Christian church has much to answer for in this area. Has the commandment been updated yet?

Hypocrisy, like pride and bigotry, is one of the hallmarks of humanity. We are all prone to these things. We are all guilty to one extent or another. The better man examines how he really is, and scrubs himself of these things several times a day.

Jesus used the metaphor of boards or planks on one’s eye and specks in someone else’s. I find planks in my eye all the time and try to remove them. I have to constantly check myself and “humiliate” myself by calling myself out in public when I cross the line. Do you?

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