That message was clear when in November of 2014, after clear public outcry, Wilson was let go on the premise that his internal “fear” absolved him of killing an unarmed teenager in the middle of a bustling neighborhood, firing multiple rounds and putting everyone in the area in immediate danger of being shot.
No one is infallible.
H. Nemesis Nyx

What does clear public outcry have to do with it? Nothing. We haven’t had lynch mobs in this country in almost 100 years. The “unarmed teenager” was 18 years old, 6'5" and weighed 289 lbs. He charged the cop. He outweighed the cop by 79 lbs. He didn’t kill Brown because his feelings were hurt.

He killed him because he got scared and really didn’t have much choice. Having an armed police force is a two-edged sword. If they get into a scuffle with a handgun strapped to their side, that fight becomes a fight for their life because if they lose the “perp” gains access to their gun.

I’ve always wanted to compare US LE to British LE, thinking, “if they can enforce the law without shooting people, why can’t they?” Then one day, when donning my own pistol, I realized if I ever got into a fight, if I didn’t win, I may have to shoot someone.

My answer is to be meek, humble, and run if at all possible; to swallow my pride, and do what ever it takes to avoid conflict. Cops obviously cannot do that all of the time. They DO need considerably more humility and more training on deescalation though.

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