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Yeah. They made a movie about it a year or so ago. Many go down to African countries to enjoy the same stereotypical differences in genitalia that straight men go to Asian countries for. But of course, those men are not objectified, manipulated or used like the Asian women are…

For the life of me, I will never understand how so-called feminists, who I call “phemonists” think rejecting feminine virtue and adopting the worst of stereo-typically masculine behavior can be considered “empowering”. In their heart of hearts they see feminine nature as an abomination. The most recent attack on “gender roles” by third wave phemonism is especially stupid.

And that’s why I call them phemonists. They hate femininity so much they rush to hire someone to kill their own young in utero as the ultimate equalizer and as a form of sacrament. Some, like Leah Dunham, regret that they have yet to sacrifice their young to their god. What’s so tragically ironic is their god is Masculinity for females alone.

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