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Your troll skills are even worse than the last one’s was. Calling me gay? Really? That didn’t work in the 5th grade, it doesn’t work now. Neither does implying that I’m a sexist for calling out a woman for being abusive.

We are all hypocrites. Hypocrisy is universal. But you are much more than most. You sexually harass me using vulgar homophobic slurs. You betray the sisterhood by bashing my wife. You call me ignorant, yet don’t know that mindfulness is secular meditation and has nothing to do with self awareness. You don’t even realize that telling someone not to do something is not a threat.

Stop sexually harassing me. Stop being vulgar. Stop maligning my wife. Stop being a homophobe. Stop hating people like me for having a different opinion. More than anything else, stop using ad hominem attacks and actually develop a cogent and rational response. This unhinged irrational projectile hatred that William O. Pate II and Ivanka Veznek are such fangirls over just doesn’t cut it.

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