America vs Rome: Historic Parallels

America, land of the free* and home of the brave. Rome, the ancient bastion of civilisation.

They say history never repeats…

I am not the first to point out this comparison and I am sure that I will not be the last before the fall of western civilisation but until then let us have some fun in pointing out the directly comparable features of America and the Republic powerhouse that was Rome.

This whole post is a TL;DR version of striking parallels of history from my blog.

  1. The Birth of a Nation

Both the United States of America and the Roman Republic were founded under the same circumstances. They were both founded by a variety of outcasts, dispossessed leaders trying to establish new lives. They both spent several generation under the rule of foreign Kings before starting a war of independence, which they win. Lastly upon founding they establish a republic with a seething hatred for ‘the Tyranny of Monarchy’ they start off championing civil liberties and the freedoms of their citizens.

2. Insatiable Conquest

Both of these newly formed republic’s promptly go on to conquer (or colonise) their neighbours stretching their influence and boarders to the limits of their respected geography. In Rome’s case the entirety of the Italian Peninsula, America from sea-to-sea. During this time of conquest and expansion both Republic’s capitals are sacked (although it does not hinder their advance).

They both become entrenched in a multitude of foreign wars. Initially causing them to amass unlimited resources, wealth and power. Enabling them to become the dominant state/empire of the world.

3. Domestic Issues

While the never ending conquest brought in great wealth it was unevenly distributed among the citizens creating remarkable poverty alongside obscene wealth, along with all the tensions that class wars can cause. To remedy this the Republic’s tried to ease tensions with a state welfare.

This inevitably caused political tension in the form of two opposing parties. Rome held the Optimates (The elitists) and the Populares (the demagogues). Similar to the States which have the Democrats and the Republicans.

The abundance of poor and the never ending dismissal by the elites created a political vacuum for a populist to rise. In America this was John F. Kennedy. In Rome we saw Tiberius Gracchus. Both of which are assassinated for their attempted reformation of the state’s finances.

The assassination of these figureheads does not solve the issues at hand and new leaders arise in the form of Gaius Gracchus in Rome and the God emperor himself Donald J Trump in America.

With the divide of the populous Rome now goes through a series of civil wars.

With the heightened tension and social divisions sweeping throughout the states if Trump is cheated of the win I can easily see them rising to an elevated extreme.

Is America Doomed?

Many political figures have parroted that the death of ‘The West’ is inevitable whether it be economic, cultural or political western civilisation is heading the way of Rome.

While American seems to be mirroring the fall of the Roman Empire I don’t believe the nails are in the coffin just yet (the same cannot be said for the European Union However but that is another story).

In three days’ time we will find out if the brakes are slammed in an attempt to reverse Lady Liberty’s downfall or if the boot of globalism floors the accelerator to her demise.

Then only time will tell…