Negative Sound Effects

I was always thinking that what we can not hear, can not affect our inner body. But, I was wrong! I do the sound design and when I started to work with Overtone Sounds and Healing Vibrations I experienced how my personal feelings were different after listening to ultra high & low frequencies which I couldn´t hear.

I don´t know how are your opinions about that? We can not hear so many sounds, but they make effect on us (positive & negative).

Just today I was recording internal sound-signals of mobile phones. I used SONY Xperia and after recording internal electric sounds. After listening to the recordings (Sounds didn´t look nice for my ears) I was thinking about how this electronic devices (Phones) affect our healt system. If we would look at graphic scale of that frequencies and fast changing of them, you would realize that they don´t make nice effect to our ears and nor to our inner health state.

I would love to hear your opinions about that.

Thank you, Matej Kovacic

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