Why you need to use social media in commercial real estate

Marketing has changed in commercial real estate. It’s not all about face to face coffee meetings for earlies. It’s also about having a conversation online using social media.

(Image: Sean Pollock, Unsplash)

From Facebook, Instagram to LinkedIn and Twitter, there are social media platforms that firms in commercial property real estate can use to boost their marketing efforts.

Here are some of the benefits of using social media in the commercial real estate:

Wider audience outreach

There are a lot of people using social media. As in approx 3.5 billion people, which is nearly 45% of the global population. That doesn’t mean every single post you send out will reach these people; what it does mean is that you have possible access to the relevant people who you didn’t have before. It means those not subscribed to West End Agents or specific property paywall content can access you and you can access them.

Business intelligence

Social media is among the key online platforms where real and insightful social conversations take place. Your target audience could be raising issues within the scope of your specialism, to which you can easily demonstrate your expertise and value by addressing their concerns.

Swift and easy communication with target audience prospects

When your business has a social media presence, it becomes pretty easy for your target and existing customers to contact your customer support team or even yourself. They can raise various issues or seek clarifications about your expertise by commenting or replying to your posts or as a private message.


The use of social media platforms is free. Unless of course you’re using paid ads. What it does require is your time and strategic planning.

Commercial real estate has often lagged behind in adopting new technologies, let alone new technologies in communication. We’re not all tea and coffee catch-ups, more like Zoom and “yes, I saw that on LinkedIn”. With objectives and a plan, social media will work for commercial real estate. Promise.