15 Amazing Rich Vitamin Super Foods to Eat for Bodybuilding

Here are the foods with the highest amount of protein in them. When you’re trying to meet your protein needs it’s good to know which foods will help you along the most. As predicted there are many animal-based foods high in protein, so you’ll want to see our list of vegetarian or vegan sources of protein as alternatives if you’re trying to cut down on meat.

The average daily value of protein is set at 50 grams, but you’ll want to use an online protein calculator to come up with a more specific, personalized value based on your age, gender, and intended activity level.

1. Ham: 23g Protein

Ham makes the top ten in our list of foods high in protein, and it’s made up of almost a quarter protein. The mineral content of ham is also pretty impressive, providing generous amounts of thiamine and niacin, as well as riboflavin.

These minerals may not seem entirely important, as they don’t get as much attention as iron and magnesium, but they’re still important if you are looking to improve your overall health.

2. Pumpkin Seeds: 19g Protein

Pumpkin seeds have been gaining in notoriety for their healthiness, and being one of the high protein foods is part of that equation. The minerals in pumpkin seeds is what is getting all of the attention, including high levels of magnesium and zinc to help out important functions like pumping your heart and maintaining a good mood.

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