How the story of kids’ toys industry changed in India?

Sonu kumar
Jan 22, 2018 · 3 min read

Businesses usually work on the demand and supply principle. This is how most of the startups across the world begin. There is a definite ‘need’ that is felt in the market and then based on a careful analysis and evaluation, ‘quantity’ of that need or demand is established. Very few happen by chance. Back in the day, Ok Play India was one such serendipitous enterprise.

In the India of late eighties, starting a business up was like living a nightmare. Only, you needed a license to sleep. If the lack of expertise was not enough, the absurdities of License Raj had the matter closed even before it started. No one would’ve thought that baby toys’ online sale would one day become a reality as it has today. In such an environment, afraid of the hassles that they would have to face, entrepreneurs found it much easier to import stuff rather than trying to manufacture them here in India. Ok Play India, under the able guidance and the visionary stewardship of one man (Mr. Rajan Handa) made things that were seemingly unimaginable, possible for the toy industry. The toy industry In India, till then, was relying completely on the foreign imports for all the supply.

This massive dependence on the foreign imports consequentially led to sky-high prices of toys in India. You can easily buy online kids’ sports’ toys today in India but this was a distant reality in the India of late eighties and the early nineties. Something that should have been easily available for our little kids was out of reach of many. Parents who couldn’t afford these expensive playthings were left trying to make excuses for the ‘favorite toys ’ that they didn’t bring home on this birthday. And even when they did, it was on the cost of something else or the savings that they’d made before. The ones in the lower economic zone wouldn’t even dream of getting the basic toys to play let alone the branded plastic toys.

But as the fate would have it, the story changed in a couple of years with the advent of OK Play India which not only manufactured plastic molded products indigenously but also provided them at an affordable cost, much lower than the prices of the imported ones. The situation changed tremendously with its manufacturing units being set up in various parts of the country. Within a short span of time, it had perfected the art of plastic molding and had made a big name in the toy manufacturing industry. It focused on quality and the quantity followed.

The story of toy manufacturing was to change dramatically in the next five years in India. With the state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and an adept quality inspection and research unit, it became the trendsetter in plastic molding in India and in the toy industry, specifically. The events that followed were pleasing enough for the young ones. With the extensive in-built manufacturing capabilities in place, OK Play India became a household name that made happy clients not only in India but worldwide.

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