Does India live in its Villages! Why?

I wanna see real India!

I heard these words come out of a 25 year old acquaintance (a girl) who flew down from New Zealand to Bangalore last year as an intern of a graduate program hosted by her company and a dear friend of mine who happens to be my acquaintance’s colleague asked me to show her in and around Bangalore and play guide; to which I could not say No or perhaps did not want to say No. In the coming days we met 2–3 times pranced around the city, visited ISCKON Temple, National Art Gallery, Planetarium, Restaurants etc. The girl was quite nonplussed yet intrigued after we discussed certain things about our beloved Country such as Religions, crime rate, safety issues etc you name it and we discussed it. The more I spoke the more she seemed participating and the more I felt ashamed of my nationality however I couldn’t blame her for having concerns over her safety but that was not all that we talked about (We did talk about our varied cultures, ethnicity, traditions, mouth-watering cuisines right from up North to deep down south after all that’s what sets India apart from other countries, Our growing economy, Technology and infrastructures, India being a diverse nation and how we indians believe in UNITY IN DIVERSITY yet we never shy away from racially discriminating each other not all but many, how despite being in 21st Century a majority of educated yet conservative, uncompromising and bigoted beings think everybody is MADRASI down south, PUNJABI up north, GUJJU in west and CHINKIS in east) but that looked like the only thing she wanted to know about at that moment . Now if you all think drawbacks of my country were all I had in my mind to discuss then I cannot help but feel sorry for you guys because most of you still fail to understand the impression we leave on outsiders through our actions and outsiders in question here are our Tourists of foreign nationals and then Hollywood comes up with movies like Slumdog Millionaire and Lion which not only go on to win Oscars and Bafta and Cash in on miseries and sad state of affairs of our under priviliged but also corroborate and endorse the fact but sadly the fact is neither factitious nor fallacious;

The fact is our Country is poor. The poor exists not only economically, politically, agriculturally etc but. exists and breeds in our minds too. I have on more than one ocassions heard people say- REAL INDIA EXISTS IN OUR VILLAGES. Pretend to smile and concur with was my only way out and if discussion came to my head and started to get on my nerves or showed no compassion then Revolt which on many ocassions failed But- Seriously Villages? You mean Villages where farmers still cannot afford a modern day agricultural equipment and there is no proper irrigation facility, with heavy debts breathing down their necks and suicide as their last resort, Villages with a lack of proper toilets and sanitation, Villages with poor education system or no education at all, Villages with a teacher to students ratio of 1:100, Villages with horrid health care facilities, Villages with no rationing or expensive rationing, Villages where per month wage of a saree weaver is as low as 5000/- (watch this Tamil movie Kanchivaram), Villages with age old panchayat system or khaap panchayat who believe killing innocent people in the name of honor is not a crime, Villages with crime against humanity still persisting , villages of people with village mentality, with religious differences and if sparked can turn into a communal riot, Villages with highest number of Rapes and human abduction and selling off children into prostitution or beggary and if by god’s grace these kids are rescued and sent to Rescue homes or shelter homes they are sure to be physically exploited again by officials.

What do you make out of it? That Village is just a town/place/city or a junction — I believe No ; I believe village is a mentality and it lives in both classes of India rural as well as Urban. In rural it is found and seen in all dynamics and aspects that makes it rural and in Urban it is found and seen in the way we percieve things, the way we process our thoughts and the way we try to keep things in perspective but fall flat on our face sometime. We have. business news channels always speaking and showing. about how India is the 3rd largest or 4th largest or the fuck largest economy in the world but No news channels ever talking about the declining rate of Indian minds and mentality only BBC seems to do that and why would they not show the “chutiyaap” of poor countries like Nepal, Bangaladesh, Srilanka, Pakistan and Our beloved nation INDIA. Our Country may be doing well as per global standards but it is still developing but when economy is growing, people are growing, standard of living has risen upto a certain level then why our minds have stopped developing or growing ? why our thinking does not change? We still have social stigmas lingering as a pertinent part of our daily survival such as a girl is not supposed to go to a temple when she’s mensturating , not wanting to be more aware and open about mental illnesses, wanting to be more of Feminazi than a feminist believing in equality of both genders after all that is the fulcrum of being a feminist- it is not about empowering the already empowered beings or uplift the uplifted it is about fighting the disparities breathing in both genders. We still breathe a third world kind of a mentality where women are judged based on the clothing they choose to wear, Partners are chosen based on income and positions, Some people are still marrying for Companionship first and love later (I agree companionship is important but love is even more), Ambitious women are considered to have low maternal instincts, Ambitious Men are considered the care takers or the torch-bearers, People wanting to marry late or stay single are treated as Class C citizens and are given unsolicited advices on stupidest of stupidest things, where a guy is too quick to label a girl as easy or frigid because she decided to have sex with him on the first date or waited to do it on the 10th date, where a girl is too quick too judge a guy because he could not handle his drinks as she considered it to be a too unmanly like, where sometimes both men and women are judged and characterised based on the number of sexual partners they have or had! Like Really? Which means people who believe in love, believe in good sex or believe in positive extremeties of life can shove their understanding and kindness up on their asses. I am no teacher to tell anyone what they should or should not believe in but any belief that disparages and threatens the existence of other beings I have a great deal of issue with that.

We need as much urbanisation in our mentality as we need it in Rural and Urban India not for the generations gone but for the generations to come otherwise we will still be fighting for causes like women empowerment, Right to education, LGBTQ, Save female child or Child Labour and we will still have large number of youth migrating to west for safe and better life and income because their own country could not provide so.

All this isn’t to say that I don’t love my country. I do and if it wasn’t for the love I would not have written this.

My writings are based on my understandings and observations. Share your thoughts on the comments section below.

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