Sabrina Liverpool is a licensed private investigator specializing in open source intelligence (OSINT) and cyber intelligence. As of 2021, she has four McAfee Institute certifications (Cyber Intelligence Investigator, Cyber Intelligence Professional, Social Media Intelligence Expert, Open Source Intelligence) and one Toddington International Inc certification (Criminal Intelligence Analysis). She has taken additional courses in Programming, Networking, Forensics, and Linux.

Sabrina has a blog that she designed herself where she gives easy to understand, yet detailed tips on how the public can stay safe online, along with tools that anyone can use to increase their security or get started with OSINT. …

Sonya Moisset

🛡️ Doing cybersecurity stuff ||| 💻 Epic Women in Cyber/Tech ||| 👩‍🎤 GirlCode Ambassador ||| 🎤 Speaker

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