An Open Letter Of Apology To All Americans — From The Constituents Of Jason Chaffetz
Kaz Weida

Solidarity from your neighbor to the east — Colorado. Unfortunately, we have our own dud that’s doing much the same thing: Senator Cory Gardner. He received $46,800 from Betsy DeVos in 2014…and guess who voted to confirm her? Ditto giving the middle finger to both his constituents, the country, and the environment when he voted to confirm Pruitt. His true loyalty lies with the corporate interests of the oil and gas industry.

But, yes — Chaffetz is a complete train wreck and embarrassment for your state. He seems to also have an obsession for meddling in the affairs of DC residents. I’d never even heard of him until his Town Hall debacle…

I hope the good citizens of Utah give him a quick and solid boot to the curb in 2018!

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