How do you go about organizing your world so that (1) everyone can reach you when needed, but…
Adam Dickson

Lots of questions, Adam. (1) Black mirrors are the easiest ways to get in touch, and you just have to have personal discipline not to react real-time to the pings you hear. (2, 3) People appreciate a heads-up so my auto-response indicates my current time zone. I run weekly check in calls with my team, when I’m off-work I still skim emails every few hours for emergencies (which most people do anyway). (4) Planning in advance of a trip (even on the flight there!), getting reccs from friends and letting go of FOMO where I can. You’ll never fully experience everything in a city.

If you’re not able to work remotely but want to, I advise you to read the vast body of how-to literature online about making that transition.

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