Marketing is hard, just like life. (Warning: BS)

What does it actually take to be successful with your marketing and sales activity — so your life becomes better, easier, more fulfilling.. ?

You need to understand that it’s not always going to work. There will be campaigns you put effort and $$$’s into but will produce a big fat n0thing. But NOTHING shouldn’t stop you from taking the learning and powering on to build that cred, push that message and move that audience. When you’re stuck, remember this:

1. MARKETING will not work for you if you say it’s HARD. What is hard is having to stay in a shitty money situation, what is hard is not fulfilling your desired business goals, what is HARD is watching all your competitors fly past while you are just getting by. The same goes for life, right? Choose for what you do to be easy, at the end of the day it’s has hard or easy as you want to make it on yourself. This doesn’t always mean it will happen with ease, but the trials are what help you understand what WILL work, the challenges are what help us expand and grow.

2. SALES (and marketing) will not happen for you if you do not become RESILIENT. On average it takes 11 touch-points, 8 hours of content and 3 phone calls to get some interest. Most people give up after just 1. Choose to be the business person that bounces back and uses the learnings to FUEL YOU.

3. TEAMS will not work for you if you are not coming from a place of complete abundance, and letting go of desperation and scarcity. This isn’t ‘fake it till you make it’ it’s simply ‘let that shit go’ as it does not serve you. Your team will be your GLUE, you must choose consciously each and every day to come from abundance and LEAD them (and yourself) to the same. When you focus too heavily on the output you forget about the input. But there is always enough resources, people, and opportunity.

4. CLIENTS will not work for you if you are not being SOLUTIONS FOCUSED. Staying in the problem zone will not get you anywhere. If there is an issue, ask, ‘what’s the solution?’. Then go and action it! Do not harp on and on about the problems. (Also, instead of calling it a problem, call it a challenge.) Your clients want solutions. And for the record, TIME is not an excuse, we are all busy and shouldn’t glorify busy, none of us have any time to waste, and there is certainly no time for victim mentality.

5. BUSINESS will not work for you if you compare yourself to others. This is the all-time killer of dreams. Everyone starts somewhere, so give yourself a bloody break. Become the influencer, the thought leader, the powerful figure — it starts with making a DECISION. Learn the ropes and tools, hire good people to help you, sure, be alter to what others (including competitors) are up to, but come from service and impact every day. People will thank you for the work that you do in the world — and you need to believe this.

So, Marketing isn’t hard. Just like life. It’s simple: Do not complain, do not give up, do not forget to smile. Make the choice to be confident. Todd Sampson once told me “There’s no reason to be nervous”.

Do what it takes for your goals to be bigger than your own BS.

“Fear not. Creativity undeniably has the power to solve any problem. It is the last remaining competitive advantage available to anyone and any business today.” — Todd Sampson
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