Controlling your own wealth as a basic human right
Brian Armstrong

Unfair to compare Indian de-monetization with Venezuela. In the case of India, the corrupted stored a lot of black money in cash through these high value denominations, all the way since independence. Moreover, printing of fake high value denomination notes were used in terrorist activities. By pulling off these notes, these are the parties that are hurt the most.

Yes, there is inconvenience to everyone but this move got country wide support and the PM is hailed as a hero for being the only govt since independence that was really serious about cracking on corruption and black money. India is known for having a shadow economy and this move not only reduced it to a large extent but also actually encouraged and enabled millions and millions of poor people to open bank accounts. Govt. was flexible to increasing timeline for everyone to deposit these notes back in the bank BUT did enquire if those were more than a sane amount. India is a very stable, growing and vibrant economy with its roots in democracy. Not a chaos like Venezuela.

Articles do get published but its always a good idea to see both sides and form an opinion. Didnt we see it in this election?