Favorite hikes 2017

Every time I’m at the airport, it seems that I arrive way too early. This at least gives me a chance to do two of some of favorite things: drink and write.

The year is not quite over, but one of my New Year’s Resolution was to find the most beautiful place in Washington and to write about it. With so many places across Washington, I’ll have to tell you my favorites from 2017.

Water: Blanca Lake

The most impressive water from a lake this year to me has got to be Blanca Lake. As far as color, I’ve never seen any lake more different. Yes, that includes the lakes from the Enchantments and Colchuck. I’m talking specifically the water here.

There are a few false summits. Well you actually have to hike back down in order to reach the lake, but when you view the lake from a great distance, it’s jaw dropping. It looks like someone dumped Frost Glacier Gatorade and formed a lake from it. Absolutely stunning….

Glacier: Coleman Glacier

I’ve never been so up close and personal to a Glacier that just speaks to you. The tall jaded edges tower over you, and you can hear the crackles of Global Warming taking its effect. When I first saw this, all I could think of was, “Shit, there is a God.”

The hike itself is not too difficult. There are two troubling parts: a small river that you have to cross and saving soft dirt to get close to the Glacier. Do I think both are worth it? Yes I do.

Hike: Enchantments

As my friend would put it, it feels like your in Mars. It really does. The Enchantments live up to its name, and it was worth every second. Each lake is unworldly. So unworldly, I made a second attempt to hike through 18 miles during the fall. I’ll probably do it two more times next year, and I expect it to be tradition the years following.

Is Aasgard as gruesome as it seems? When you’re hiking with a freak of nature and an Ironman, you bet your ass it is. Luckily, we had passed so I got to save my legs for the next day. The most grueling part was waking down Snow Lakes. It became a bit dull once the enchantment wore off. But if you can struggle through this, it’s well worth it.

Honorable Mention: Gothic Basin

To be completely honest, to this day, I don’t really know what a Basin is. When you finally reach the top, the glory of the vast land fills you. It’s a wide landscape of beauty, big mountainsides surrounding you and a small lake. Keep moving on to see Foggy lake and you’ll be even more wow’d. I thoroughly enjoyed this hike.

There’s a decent amount of distance on this hike. Granted I slept for about an hour before I did this one, the hike is longer than most. I think this is a hidden gem a lot of people don’t talk about. Also, I’m still not sure if you can go fishing in Foggy Lake. Can someone confirm?