There’s something special about being able to work your 9–5 job, get into our car, and drive to a quick trailhead to catch sunset over the valley. There’s not a lot of places in the world where you could do this. Seattle is one of them.

About 45 minutes east of Seattle, you’ll find yourself at an extremely popular short trailhead names Rattlesnake Ridge. This shouldn’t be confused with Rattlesnake Ledge. Although they both go to Rattlesnake Lake, going to Rattlesnake Ledge will be a 20 miles round trip instead of 4 miles.

By no means is this a hard hike, but it sure is pretty up top. I’ve done this hike about 10 times now. To me, the view hasn’t got old. Anyone looking for a tougher hike, you should not go here. There are also better views elsewhere (although views are subjective). But for a quick hike after work, there might be none better. Make sure you bring your headlamp too because it gets dark quickly.

This trail is extremely popular so there is a lot of benefit catching sunset on a week night. Come here after 10 AM on a weekend and you’ll find yourself behind dozens of people for the whole trail. At the top of the trail, you’ll get a breathtaking view of the lake and a valley of forest. At sunset, you can see the lake as blue as can be. You can see the paddle boarders safely going to shore, calling it a night. The sky fades into a pinkish orange color way, as the valleys fade like silhouettes. There are few to no people at the peak. It’s quiet. Let out a howl.

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