BITS Pilani Higher Degree Placements — Glimpses of our Story

Though the PU team would have said enough by now and not that I have something very unique to share, but I decided to write this to share the placement perspective of a student outside of PU. (The article was originally written to be shared with our juniors at BITS.)

It was around April-May 2015 when Rachit Magon and Charupriya Negi were chosen as representatives of ME CS-SS to the placement unit. It had hardly been a year since we had joined BITS and things were going just fine. We were just another batch of 45 odd students, the only difference till then being we decide to have representatives in the PU so that our placements aren’t screwed as that of our seniors.

But little did we anticipate the events of the semester to come that would make Rachit take leave from his office 2 years later (yes he works on weekends as well), to go to Pilani and talk to you people about it.

In the summer break to follow, while we were busy with placements and other personal engagements, Rachit and Charu would ring up companies the entire day, persuading them to visit the campus for our recruitment, with little time to spare for their own preparation. This gesture of immense selflessness motivated a handful of us to do our bit to make the placement season a success. It was the last week of July when inspired by our 2 placement representatives, some 15 of us made our little contributions which ultimately lead to 40 of us securing jobs by mid-September with a maximum package of 25 lpa and a minimum of 8.5. All the more, Rachit and Charu were amongst the very first students to get placed from our batch.

Not everyone can be a good leader, but all of us have the minimum capability which can bring out a significant refinement in the entire leadership, that’s what we call team work.

Now that I reflect back, I realize, the entire team work brought us a lot closer and helped us build timeless memories during the remainder of the last semester. We started off as just a batch of ME students and ended up becoming real close friends. But that wasn’t our intention or our motivation when we started. The biggest quality that helped us was our attitude of mutual benefaction built on inter-dependence, where each one of us brought the best to the table from which everyone gained. Yes, time changes, and the post college scenario might not be as great as it was back then, people choose to act as per their conveniences. But one certainty still remains, for each one of the 47 students of ME SS-CS 2016 the experiences and learning of those 6 months shall always remain one of the best life memories; of the life we have lived and of that we are yet to live 😉