Debunking The #Trump Myth That China Is “Winning” or… Proof That Racist People Are Stupid.

We can’t deny that for the past twenty five years China has been growing their economy pretty rapidly. Here are the three main reasons for this:

  1. Because China had (and still has) so much growing to do to catch up with the developed economies of the world.
  2. Because China embraced capitalism against everything that Chairman Mao fought, murdered, and conquered for.

3. Because China has so many people.

The last one is important. It helps us make a proportional comparison between China and the U.S. using GDP per capita:

Source: Google

Under the belief that a country is only as wealthy as its average citizen (I probably picked that up somewhere in my readings, but this is my blog, and I’m not a journalist; so I won’t put a link to a white paper written by some well known economist to prove this is true. If you disagree with this premise the comment section is wide open. I’ll find a white paper or two if that’s what floats your boat.) a proportional comparison seems like a better way to gauge which countries are “winning” right now economically.

So, I’ll share some graphs, charts, and lists to make the point that China isn’t winning anything and has a long way to before it can even catch up to the United States:

Source Google

China is number 71 on the 2016 world list of GDP per capita by country:


Even if you look at real GDP per capita growth; the most favorable GDP per capita metric concerning China, they aren’t exactly winning:


In comparison with China, here’s U.S. GDP per capita:

Source Google

Here’s where the U.S. is ranked on the 2016 GDP per capita list by country:


Granted, the U.S. is number 83 when measured by real GDP per capita growth. Still ahead of the UK, Mexico, The United Arab Emerates, and even Singapore:


The U.S. has already done some remarkable growing. It was a while ago, but it happened. China (and a lot of other countries) have to catch up. A return of robust global growth depends on it. If the U.S. could manage to bring all the manufacturing jobs it lost back home the rest of the world would still need money to buy what we’re selling.

You won’t hear this from Trump because it doesn’t fit his “America First” theme. The theme he adopted from David Duke; the white supremacist racist. The plan / philosophy is idiotic because racists are idiots. I came to this conclusion because if they understood DNA they would understand that there is no such thing as a pure Aryan human being. Better yet, if they understood game theory they would understand how stupid their plan is in the present world. In the world we live in now their plan is the easiest way to ensure not only slow to no U.S. growth, but slow to no global growth. It’s a recipe for an automatic recession that the world wouldn’t recover from until a president Trump swallowed his pride.

His head is big, but not big enough to allow his mouth to open wide enough to even attempt to swallow that Trump pride.

Disclaimer: You can call me biased against Trump. In fact, my goal with this post is to take away Trump’s China boogie man and point out how stupid racist people are. Call it my tiny contribution to stopping Trump while lashing out against the system of white supremacy racial discrimination; thereby lending a hand (or a blog post)to saving the world.