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SOOM FOUNDATION signed the contract to create Digital Economic Alliance and plans to establish central bank in Africa. 💪💪 💪

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SOOM Foundation, which is aiming to utilize blockchain technology into real industry, ,partnered with Public Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange Center and China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises to create Digital economic alliance. And first project is to establish digital financial institute named ‘Central bank of Africa’

The formation of the Digital Economy Alliance was announced in Beijing on August 24. Founder of SOOM Foundation Mr. Park Kieob, Vice president of Public Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange center Tian Ming An and secretary general of China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises Shi Xiang attended this formation ceremony.

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In order to achieve digital economic industrial development, each party promised to pursue and execute all tasks in common under the principle of mutual cooperation

Through digitalization and information technology, each party will cooperate not only to build a digital economy ecosystem between countries of ‘One belt and One road’ but also to promote cooperation among SMEs with blockchain technology. Especially as a representative project, digital economic alliance plans to form alliance among African countries to establish digital financial institution, Central bank of Africa to use single currency.

This project could be a part of national project of China, which aims to build a network among countries of ‘One belt and One road’. During Forum for China-Africa cooperation Xi jin ping, president of China, announced that Chinese government will support national project of building network and investment infrastructure in African countries.

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By establishing central bank of Africa in form of digital financial institute, each African country can not only raise funds but also get further investments easily. By this opportunity each can strengthen their network. Digital economic alliance promised their sincere cooperation to establish central bank of Africa.

First of all, SOOM Foundation will provide blockchain and information technology to develop banking system which is planned to be operated base on blockchain. Diplomacy & Cultural Exchange Center will provide public support including diplomatic services using their public diplomacy platform. China Association for Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises will support information and activities which will be used to successfully operate central bank of Africa using members’ corporate resources.

Furthermore, SOOM Foundation and Public diplomacy & Cultural exchange center will invite the minister of each country to hold a forum in Tunisia on May, 2019.

SOOM Foundation founder Mr. Park Kieob told that this cooperation will be the great option to contribute China’s national project ‘One belt and One road’; and SOOM Foundation will do its best to apply 4th Blockchain technology to banking solution of digital financial institute. 🏋️‍️‍ 🏋️‍️‍

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