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The biggest existential threat to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space isn’t the price dip. It isn’t governance design. It isn’t energy expenditure. And it, surprisingly, isn’t even regulation.

The biggest problem in the space today is a discovery problem: discoverability of both opportunities in the space and talent trying to join the space.

In short, we have a talent problem. And it’s not for lack of interest.

If we look at google search trends over time, interest in: cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, and their respective prices tends to swing whichever way the market does. In the figure below, we see a peak in searches coinciding with the bull run of 2017 Q4, followed by a sharp decline that mirrors the price drop in early 2018. Similarly, smaller peaks and troughs below correspond to price spikes and falls, respectively.

But if we look to searches for blockchain jobs, the trend generally moves up and to the right.

And with the recent downsizing of companies like ConsenSys and sunsetting of companies like Basis, there are even more talented free agents looking to help build valuable, long-lasting products in the space. Though there are strong product managers, engineers, designers, content writers, and growth specialists around the world, these folks aren’t in the standard recruiting pipeline. They’re not being matched with high-growth companies in crypto and blockchain. And the longer that stays the case, the slower it’ll be until we get to mainstream adoption.

From our front-row seat at Token Daily, we see the effects of talent and opportunity asymmetry firsthand. Our readers often write in to ask for introductions to projects featured in our Product Launches & Updates section. They trust that these are curated and legitimate teams with strong conviction in their mission. And, on the other side of the equation, companies in the crypto ecosystem ask us to recommend good designers, product managers, community builders and the like from the TD community. We’ve quickly come to realize that the one-off introductions we’ve been making won’t be sustainable, so we’re opening our platform to help companies discover talent within the Token Daily community.

The TD reader is a specific type of reader: they’re early adopters, have a good grasp of crypto/blockchain fundamentals, and are hungry to learn and build. And so far, without a formal process in place, we’ve already had TD talent referred to (and hired!) by Lightning Labs, TokenSoft and CoinList.

We’re excited to play a role in helping the crypto and blockchain ecosystem mature and flourish by connecting ambitious, talented folks to under the radar, high growth opportunities with top companies.

If this is you, let us know more about you here.

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