Museum of Taste

Demo presented in class.

Research —

Weak Signal: Collections

Here are three different users of Instagram, with three different ways of organizing their Feed.
There already exist platforms such as Pinterest that focus on web-based collections.

“Language is the foundation of civilization—it is the glue that holds people together” (excerpt from Arrival)

CMOA Research:

Onboarding Process is very important for each exhibition. It grounds my expectations.
There is a correlation between these pieces just by their proximity, size, and framing presentation.
Certain items in the collection were highlighted through their spatial placement.
There is different flooring for each environment—a physical separation between collections.
Rarely, there would be rooms with a single piece inside, breaking the pattern of collections.
One of the few interaction opportunities

Hierarchy of Collections:

Prototyping —

These are screenshots of social media handles on designers’ portfolio sites.


What the onboarding experience looks like in VR.

Home Base:

The current framework for the home base.

Collection Example:

One example of a potential collection.

Presentation —

Rough presentation planning.

Lessons Learned / Future Directions —




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