Understanding Our Virtual Homes

Beginning Thoughts

Navigating the Home —

Swipe, Tap, and Search make up the primary ways to navigate the mobile home environment.

How to Research —

  • Trying to use something less
  • Trying to make frequent apps more accessible.
  • Some people organize by color.
  • Some people categorize.
  • It might imply that the setup doesn’t matter as much as expected?
I collected close to 20 different “mobile home” environments during my research phase.

Conducting Research —

Having people recall their setups with paper.

Insights —

  1. For apps of frequent usage (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.), the organizational heuristics did not matter after a short amount of time, as the frequency of use resulted in a highly accurate spatial memory anyways.
  2. For apps of infrequent usage, heuristics were useful for long spans of time.
  3. Many people were fine with having a chaotic home screen, as they were only seen by themselves. This is different than a home, where we often clean for the sake of others.
  4. There seem to be four main camps for organizational heuristic: categories, color, loose spatial organization, and total chaos.
  5. There seem to be two navigational heuristics: tap to access, and search to access. In my interviews, Siri is never used to access apps.




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