4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

By contrasting 4chan with their self-proclaimed enemy, their counter-culture counterparts, we can see that, though demographically they are so similar, the real difference is introduced here — at the thorny of issue of the girlfriend. 4chan’s self-described “beta” males are trapped in this ideology, hating their counterparts whose key difference is a willingness, like the beatniks of old, to slough off the “gender binary” and live how they please.

You are getting close to the unpleasant core of it all, but are not quite willing to go there and to address the issue honestly i think.

In parallel to the capitalistic pressures of an labour-market there exists another highly competetive market that produces winners and losers and determines to a great extent the quality of life of participants. Its the market of social networking and dating/sex. The assets/skills that are useful to succeed in this market only partly overlap with what is needed for economic success, as shown by your example of the dead broke (“Dharma”) bums. The chances of success wildy vary depending on upbringing, socialisation and also body and “brain”. An unattractive guy with rather low “emotional intelligence” will likely do a lot worse.
This market also shows strong effects of positive reinforcement, so having more friends gets more people interested in you while having few friends further repulses people. And while ridiculing econimcally poor ppl is not acceptable in most of society, jokes about lonely social idiots are widespread and liked within almost all circles.
This toxic atmosphere among 4chan dwellers, where it is okay to hurt anyones feelings for any reason, was not invented by the dwellers from thin air. It is just a reflection of the world they know from their “real life”.

So the main difference between some artists living in artisan colony and the 4chan dwellers is likely just that the artists guys might do poorly in the capitalistic market of money and possessions, but do well in the market of socializing and “romance”, while the 4chan dwellers do badly in both. Its not really much of a choice for them… they just arent cool or attractive enough to get accepted among some fancy artists, hipsters, etc.

Most people are well-equipped enough to do well enough in this other “market”, that they would not even accept it as being competetive and think it should be very easy for everyone to find community and love… they would be wrong. The world isnt that easy for a lot of the dwellers and denying their reality and pretending their isolation is their “choice” is just untrue.

And about the “willingness [..] to slough off the “gender binary” and live how they please”…. what would that really mean for the typical hetero male 4chan dweller ? Trying to “become” gay and have sex with each other wont work, its not really a choice. Or would it mean to stop defining self-worth by success on the sexual market ? In that case, then you are back at Milo Y. and the 4chan dwellers are already implementing that “solution”:

Here Yiannopoulos has inverted what has actually happened to make his audience feel good. Men who have retreated to video games and internet porn can now characterize their helpless flight as an empowered conscious choice to reject women for something else. In other words, it justifies a lifestyle which in their hearts they previously regarded helplessly as a mark of shame.

So i guess Milo IS the saviour ? o_O

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