Intuitive Reading about Fears & Addictions

I just gave my Accountability Partner from my medical intuitive training at the Sage School of Light an energy reading on the topic of fear, addiction and their connection with Soul. To summarize the reading:

I found that she was distrustful & suspicious of others, often felt alone and hollow inside, this being the result of feeling isolated from the warmth & attention of the adults around her as a baby. To help heal these things, I read that she can hit a stick against rocks, ground, trees, to feel the solidity of them & herself. She can speak her truth from her heart to others who are safe, to practice sharing herself & finding that others can be trusted. She can prioritize what is most important to be learning, but that she already knows everything she needs; it comes from within & from her guides. It is always interesting what comes up in these readings. It helps us in our lives to get to the causes of our fears and addictions.