Soul Council, Deep Breathing

In my medical intuitive class tonight, we had some different meditative experiences. One was when my teacher channeled the Soul Council, who said that we know them as the Archangels. While they were speaking to us, a feeling of safety and encouragement came over me. I liked the image of my magical wings surrounding me in safety, warmth, and love. They also counseled that things come to us only when we are ready. And then it is time to spread our wings and fly.

What deep breathing does for the soul is that, first of all, it allows the physical body to deeply relax, and in this state it is impossible to get stressed. You can feel the love you have for yourself, and be grateful for everything in your life. From this state, you can feel your connection to Source. The more you breathe deeply, the more you can love yourself, be connected to Source, and be whole. When you breathe deeply everything is right, and you are at peace with the world.

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