What I Learned From Owl and Turtle

In my Medical Intuitive Training class this week, as we meditated on Owl, this is the helpful information Owl had for me:

Owl sits calmly, keeping a comfortable distance, observing. Owl says to be brave, and find the depth in your life by looking at the big picture. You can feel more connected to your life’s path by having reverence for life, which is to have deep respect, and go into meditation. You can look to Owl for guidance and confirmation. Owl offers companionship, is playful but at the same time its messages bring deep wisdom and helpful information.

And tuning in to Turtle, this is what came to me:

Keep your eyes open, be alert and aware as you move through your day.Look at opportunities more seriously, that is, that you can do this thing; It’s not just for someone else to get to do. Come out of your shell, it’s not just about you. Also, the turtle world’s habitat is going away. The turtles collectively are angry and scrambling. “Remember us,” they say, “and do what you can to help, as this helps all animals and humans.”