Manage stress is the best diet

43% of women are concerned by stress-eating, 33% of men, from the APA (Americain Psychologist Association). But what are we talking about exactly ? Stress is a personal feeling, and stress-eating meaning you are eating more or eating bad because of this uncomfortable feeling. It’s actually uncounscious. We’are all doing it. But it seems that only 33 to 43% of us are councious about that.

Think about this cake you’re eating at 10'o’clock, and again at 11', or the piece of chocolate, maybe chease, you quickly put in your mouth, while you’re actually not hungry. Well, there’s some good tricks to break yourself of that habit. The simple way : just write it ! It is proved that write an diet diary reduce a half of our bad habits, because it helps to become more aware of. Or you can talk with a specialist, like me. But most of people don’t want or don’t need…

So there’s another tricks, it is : “SOOZ” a mobile app that helps you to reduce stress and manage your eating behavior, without any forbiden food. try it here, it’s free (only in french for the moment) :

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