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Friends, family, internet wanderers, welcome to Flavour Saviour!

To try and explain the purpose of my writing here is even more difficult than finding the perfect clickbait title. Part personal blog, part experiment, part life-calling, part university distraction will do for now. For those who know me well, it may only serve as a transcript of the kinds of conversations we have day-to-day, as there is little more to my character than what I eat and what I read.

This last week I have been reading poetry written by multiple Indigenous Australians. Ali Cobby Eckerman’s Inside My Mother and the work of Lisa Bellear in particular will likely stay with me for a long time. After I had read Inside My Mother, which will certainly make any reader reflect on their own maternal bonds, I suggested my Nan give it a flick-through. She spent a cold Canberra afternoon on our couch immersed in it. I strongly agreed with her observations of Eckerman’s stunningly uncluttered language, given the complexity of the poem’s themes. I have a copy I would be glad to lend anyone, just send me a message. To buy your own, head to Giramondo Publishing ( That being said, anyone who has a birthday upcoming, you can bet you will receive a copy soon.

To finish my very first post, here are a few pictures of the Sophie-style Hasselback potatoes I made this afternoon. Truthfully, I really wanted to try this cool cutting technique I had seen demonstrated on Food Network the other day. Find yourself two long utensils and place them either side of the potato, then cut thin slices down into it until your knife hits the utensils. I then drenched mine in butter, garlic, rosemary and salt, and baked then broiled them (I am not a very good judge of temperatures and timing yet though, as such my potatoes were a little raw inside and a little charred outside). Many of you may know this, but anyone else ought be made aware that in my opinion, the best way to finish off any farinaceous food is with a good drenching of tomato sauce. So these golden gems were not golden for very long.

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