Discuss the reasons why distance learning on the internet is increasingly popular.

“Distance Learning” is a way of independent study, whereby there is little one-on-one teaching or group activity other than online forums. Nowadays, rather than communicating with your tutor via post, it is possible to learn from your computer online. People have enjoyed their experience with distance learning and are now quite advanced from using it as a teaching tool over many years. From speaking to fellow students and friends, people have seen a steady increase in the popularity of distance learning. An example of its increasing interactivity are the large number of comments or discussion based comments posted in the student forums.

Distance Learning on the internet can now be a pleasant experience. From the comfort of home anyone with ambition, and access to the internet, can learn voluntarily through distance learning and possibly gain a recognised qualification(s) from reputable universities and other leading professional bodies.

It is a form of free education. due to the creation of websites such as www.futurelearn.com. Also other financial bonuses such as not having travel expenses, which alone is a saving of money. It is best spent else where, relative to the course, on such items as books bought for literature study for example.

Another benefit of distance learning is the lack of distraction during your study time, from fellow students. This is because the study is independent. However, their are social benefits such as the forums whereby communication is purely on an academic basis, which encourages students to share their thoughts and discuss ideas together

Overall distance learning promotes easy access to personal development courses for free and that can lead to confidence in capabilities, personal development and positive mental health and well being. There are not many reasons why Distance Learning will not continue to increase in popularity as a learning tool. I predict a paperless future whereby everyone learns theory through distance learning and merely meeting with peers for practical exercises only.