UX is difficult to master, and there is no doubt that good UX takes years of practice, trial and error. However, there is an easy solution to improve your site’s UX by using 10 principles widely accepted as the top usability guidelines. …

As a professional working in tech who loves to attend conferences and workshops, Web Summit had always grabbed my attention and was on my to-visit list. With the 4-day line up full of inspiring speakers, I finally grabbed the opportunity in 2018 and bought myself a “Women in Tech” ticket.

What’s a Women in Tech Ticket?

Your life is the most important product you will ever manage

We never question the importance of analyzing, planning, prototyping and iterating when we are creating digital products; all these activities are key to creating great software that adds value to the world. However, when it comes to our lives, we don’t seem to always approach it in the same way.

As an avid learner, one of my learning dreams had always been to attend the UX conference by Nielsen Norman Group (NNG) and to acquire the UX certification. …

Ever wondered how your users are interacting with your website? Do you actually even know who your users are? What features should you be investing in for the next product launch? These are typical questions for which every product manager, designer or business stakeholder seeks answers. What is the key…

As a working professional with lots of interests, I have been always looking for smart ways to manage my time, my tasks and to search for information. For the sake of my Capstone project in the Interaction Design specialization in Coursera, I needed to select a topic to work on…

Sofia Michili

Service Design | UX | Product management — Passionate about creating new products that improve people’s lives

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