Top 5 historical & heritage places in South India

Every part of India owes a special story and an amazing history that reveals the greatness of the specific location. Whether you travel Northern part or the southern part of the sub-continent, one can easily locate various historic sites, heritage monuments which stand as a living example of the art and architecture of the past. The South India is one part of the country which proudly presents various gorgeous destinations that are magnificent to explore and at the same time stand proudly presenting the bravery and the artistic taste of the rulers. Here are 5 top places known for elegance as well as the historical wonders that are perfect to explore.

  1. Hyderabad: The majestic city Hyderabad welcomes people to know more regarding the culture and traditions. This is one of the best places that reveals the state of the Nizam rulers and stands as a mirror explaining the greatness behind every historical monument. The Charminar is one of the opulent constructions and the construction style makes the monument a spectacular one. Along with this the Golconda Fort, Faluknuma Palace are other worthy place to explore in the city of pearls Hyderabad.

2. Mahabalipuram: Witnessing the UNESCO site Mahabalipuram makes people feel amazed understanding the unique art and architecture. This place is easy to reach from all major cities of south India. The Panchratha temples, cave temple and a few more are much popular in the region and there are numerous spectacular wonders around. The carvings, temples reveal the ancient story of the Dravidian Era and this was the port city of Pallava rulers.

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3. Hampi Vijayanagaram: This is one must visit destinations of the Karnataka and is one region that allows people to know more regarding the Vijayanagara ruler. The region used to serve as a capital of the rulers and this is one of the UNESCO sites. The ruins make this classic place the best and the Vittala Temple is one pillars amazes the travelers along with the chariot temple. The speciality of the region is to be enjoyed as this city is designed beautifully by the brave rulers of the Vijayanagara rulers.


4. Mysore: Another mind-blowing destination of Karnataka, Mysore is one place which is worthy to explore as this reveals the history Wadiyar dynasty. The Mysore palace is one heritage site which turns much opulent during the festival Dasara. The Chamundi temple along with a few nature sites are to be explored during the holiday.

Mysore Palace

5. Thanjavur: The most special city of South India Thanjavur is the birthplace of the classical dance form Bharatanatyam and is much popular with the paintings. This amazing destination is located in Tamil Nadu and welcomes people to see the ancient constructions of the Chola rulers that are not just charming but are wonderful leftovers of the past. The Tanjore Palace, Brihadeeswara Temple, Saraswati Mahal and a few more are the heritage sites that are to be explored in Thanjavur.

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Along with the above there are a few more places that reveal the marvellous art and architecture of South Indian along with the great history of the rulers of various dynasties.