How Can You Stretch A Carpet In A Room With Furniture?

Lots of people think that carpet stretching means investing an entire day in the task. Doing so in a room full of furniture can seem all the more challening, but not if you know how to do it right.

Well, that seems to be an impossible task, but the good news is that carpets can be still be stretched with furniture present in the room. However, there are some specific situations that can cause problems. How many furniture pieces are there, their size & weight, and the layout of the ripples, all play a major role while stretching. Going through these helpful tips will help you to determine whether your furniture may pose a problem or not.

The process

When stretching a carpet, it is always recommended to start from the doorway running parallel along the walls. A stretching machine is quite capable of pulling the carpet even with the moderate weight of the furniture pieces in the room. A professional team of carpet laying in Perth can serve you with the most innovative solutions of carpet stretching. They pull up the carpet from the tackstrip, stretch it, attach it back to the tackstrip and then trim and tuck. This method ensures the tightness of the carpet in spite of foot fall, cleanings, and other wear.

Moving the furniture pieces

As a general rule of thumb, the room must be 50 percent free from furniture in order to stretch the carpet properly. You should have enough open space to slide the furniture in the room to gain access to every single wrinkle and the wall opposite to it. A room packed with furniture pieces can pose a burden on the way of stretching.

Stretching the carpet along with the furniture is always possible, but it should be made at least half vacant to get some space. This is why, remove those furniture which are light in weight. The removal of the furniture is not because of removing the weights, but because of getting access to work properly. Also, make sure that the room is free from breakable pieces for a safe location to work. Unplug any electronics present in the room.

Large and heavy furniture

Big pieces of furniture can be tricky to work with. The power stretcher can still stretch the carpet with pieces like beds and couches, but it is recommended that you consider to remove them. This is only because of the chances for carpets to rip when stretched. If the pieces cannot be removed at all, the stretching work may need a seam at times.

If you still have doubts as to whether you need to remove your furniture or not, don’t hesitate to opt for professional carpet laying in Perth. They can help you out easily without making a mess.