Tips To Decorate Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom

Decorating a teenager’s room is not a giant’s task. Just a few important factors must be considered in order to achieve the right appeal in your daughter’s bedroom.

So now that your daughter has turned into a teenager, it’s time for you to ensure that she has her own comfortable living space in the house. Upgrading the room of your daughter when she turns into a teenaged girl is a mandatory task and need some amount of in-advance preparations on your part. Here are a handful of effective tips that you can follow in order to embellish your princess’ room the right way –

  1. Paint the room

Girls are generally fond of the colour pink. Thus, you can pick from options like Barbie pink, baby pink or simply light pink paint for the bedroom of your daughter. However, it is suggested to opt for more than one shade. Applying contrasting colours along with the base hue can bring a unique difference and eye soothing ambience. There are several colours that can be mixed and matched with shades of pink in order to create a perfect contrasting effect. For professional ideas, let a professional painter handle the job.

2. The bed

If you still haven’t replaced the bed of her room with a new one, then immediately proceed to do so. Remember, your child is no more a kid. She is growing up and she needs a larger bed where she can spend her leisure time by sipping coffee & reading books or watching her favourite show, or anything else. You can either opt for furniture restoration process where the old bed can be transformed into a new one, or replace the entire thing by purchasing a brand new custom made option. Whatever you choose, make sure to appoint one of the best furniture makers in Berkshire who can provide a satisfactory service.

3. Wardrobe

Another important thing that must be kept in mind while refurbishing a room is to upgrade the wardrobe. As stated earlier, growing kids usually have a lot of clothing and other accessories. Thus, you need to create a good amount of space so your girl can store all her favourite dresses and other accessories in an organised manner.

4. Cosy area

Other than placing a comfortable bed and a wardrobe, you need to create some extra space where your daughter can spend some comfortable and leisure time. It is better to place a chair and a middle table in the corner area of the room. Add some interior plants too, for creating a soothing ambience inside the room.

So start upgrading your daughter’s room by following all the above mentioned tips.