A researcher by the name of Van der Veen has discovered what van Gogh was doing on the day he died.

In a letter written by Vincent van Gogh’s brother-in-law, van Gogh’s final painting was described as “a forest scene, full of sun and life”. While researchers puzzled over which painting, exactly, this phrase pertained to, Van der Veen believes he has discovered what it all means.

A long-standing theory has been that van Gogh’s painting Tree Roots was the final painting the letter references. Because the painting matches the description so closely and is an unfinished work by van Gogh (indicating he was unable to finish it before his death), the theory is now the most widely accepted theory as to which painting was really his last. …

An exploration of the works and mystery around the esteemed Italian photographer, Tina Modotti.

Born in August, 1896, Tina Modotti had an early introduction to photography through her father. Though she originally didn’t pursue the art, instead choosing to become an actress, she eventually left her career as a semi-famous film actress to work as a photographer. Modotti was soon commissioned to travel Mexico taking photos for a photography book.

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A photograph of Modotti herself

Though Modotti’s landscape works are beautiful on their own, her political activism is by far the most recognizable feature in her photos. …

Psychology suggests the method of conscious phone use. I decided to try it out for myself to see if it really works.

Up until just over a week ago, I used my phone for an average of eight hours and thirty minutes each day. That’s over half of my waking hours. The worst part is, using my phone so much didn’t serve any purpose to me: I could barely remember what, exactly, I was using it for each time I picked it up.

So, I decided to try and change how much time I was spending on my phone. I neglected to go for a big detox and put it in a box for a weekend: I figured a healthy approach to downsizing my general phone usage as much as possible was better than a mere two days away. …

Attitude. Money. Writing. Publishing. Do these words make you want to click on my article?

I started writing for Medium in 2019. When I began, I didn’t think that I would ever be able to accomplish earning a living wage off of one website. But guess what? Thanks to the Medium Partner Program, I earn enough money each month to possibly buy myself a pack of gum at a 7/11. Using my business model, you can too.

Writing & Editing

First and foremost, you need to be following my bullshit writing technique. I got lucky one fine Monday morning, and my research paper on rare beetles in Southern Montana really took off. Because this one-shot article that applies to no other writer except myself managed to make me about fifty cents over the course of seven months, I think you should probably just go ahead and do the same thing. There’s only one route to success, and it’s my route. Please ignore all of the other similarly framed articles telling you how to make money on Medium, because, honestly, it’s only my advice that’s worth following. …

Detectives and fans alike have been puzzling over the eleven-day disappearance of Agatha Christie that still has no answer. Recently, has more information come to light?

Even today, new articles and studies are being released in an attempt to compile as much information as possible about the eleven-day disappearance of Agatha Christie. Though she herself only spoke once of her disappearance in 1926, the world was in turmoil as law enforcement raced to find Christie before it was too late.

Today, as details are still being gone over and puzzle pieces are continuing to be connected, let’s go back in time to the night of Christie’s disappearance and catch up-to-date on what really might have happened to her. …

Dali is well-known for his mind-bending art pieces. The Persistence of Memory is no exception.

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The Persistence of Memory, 1931

The Persistence of Memory is an incredibly unique painting. Dali blurs the lines between reality and fantasy by “melting” various objects in the painting. He also mentioned that the watch itself was a representation of the “relativity of space and time”.

But Dali’s painting doesn’t just look like a wild hallucination. Using experimental artistic methods, he actually hallucinated the entire piece.

The term wasn’t meant to be an insult: it’s a callout to lazy content creators.

I hate romance tropes as much as the next gal, but the misuse of the term “manic pixie dream girl” is making it more difficult to call out certain strains of underdeveloped female characters. There’s a bigger reason why the term was coined (and it’s not to poke fun at any literally any female character with short hair).

The term manic pixie dream girl was originally coined by film critic Nathan Rabin to describe a certain type of girl portrayed by media, typically in the romance genre. Contrary to what the term is used for today, it was focused more on calling out media-makers who included these characters for inappropriate reasons. …

Edgar Degas’s work was groundbreaking for its time, but critics despised the statue.

Little Dancer Aged Fourteen wasn’t widely celebrated during Degas’s life. He only put it on display once, where it received mixed — but mostly negative — reviews, as most critics did not find the statue particularly noteworthy. Art critics also fretted over the so-called average looks of the statue’s face, many of them even insulting the model’s beauty.

Although they admired the realism of the sculpting, they disliked the looks of the model enough to recommend that it not be featured in galleries again. …

Nearly one year later, people are still struggling to understand what their hit series is really about.

This article covers topics of addiction, abuse, and other adult themes. It also contains spoilers for the album/music video series III.

If you’re a fan of the indie folk band The Lumineers — or if you listen to pretty much any radio station ever — you’ve probably heard two hit singles from their most recent album III, titled Donna and Gloria. …

No, this is not an article about how to scam people.

Catch Me If You Can is not only an incredible book/movie, it also has some great business advice, if you know where to look. Past all the hefty scams Frank Abagnale pulled off as a teenager lies the key to success in the financial and entrepreneurial world. Who knew?

Fake it ‘till you make it

I’m not saying that you should fake credentials to become a faux Pan Am pilot, but proceeding in the business world with a level of false confidence will get you everywhere. …


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