How might we improve civic engagement with CSCW (computer-supported cooperative work)?

—— Team members: Sophia Li, Sakshat Goyal, Eleanor Nesbit

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In 5 days, we experienced the whole design process of starting from the very vague initial topic, through the desk research, primary research, idea development, and in-class critique. Eventually, we settled down our final concept and made the prototype of our design and let people test on it.


Findings From the Secondary Research

  • Volunteer organizations face unique difficulties in institutional knowledge due to the short and varied time commitments of volunteers.
  • Computer-mediated interactions have had positive effects on community interaction, involvement, and social capital.

Findings From Our Survey

We conducted a survey about how people feel about their civic engagements and their social activities. We received 25 responses in 1 day. …


Sophia Li

A passionate UX designer + researcher with backgrounds in product design and new media technology.

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